Rowan Lipkovits (reluctance) wrote,
Rowan Lipkovits

The Pen Comic, extras 1

Flipping through the worryingly large quantity of blank pages in the back of the collaborative comics binder, I came across the following illustration someone had made, perhaps burying a rejected first draft or homesteading by laying claim to a page in the comic's future and ensuring that someone, once they got to page 50 or 60, would be confronted with needing to work a clown nose (Shakespeare's, presumably) into the plot.

Extreme close-up! Probably it pre-dates my divesting the Bard of his rubber schnozz (not a deliberate move on my part, I was merely reflecting the reality of the lower illustration of his unadorned visage.) Now this could be a complete panel on its own, or it could be part of a greater picture. I think it would be a great cut from a panel of eg. a planet, starship / Darth Vader context, then returning the reader to action planetside with another round object thematically echoing it. That's what we'd do if this was a film storyboard. (It doesn't have to be a planet; it could be a marble, a navel or a nipple.)

There are more of these, most more substantial than this.

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