Rowan Lipkovits (reluctance) wrote,
Rowan Lipkovits

The Pen Comic, extras 2

Because making a whole post for ever fragmentary piece of marginalia might not be totally worthwhile, I've taken the unprecedented liberty (because, let's be frank, LiveJournal needs all the posts it can get) of bundling together a few wordless pieces of errata for this individual post, discarded sketches or semi-semi-relevant scraps I'd hoped could be harnessed if needed. First up, some fetching sketches of Clipboard Girl:

I, er, can't speak with authority to precisely what is shown in this collection of sketches, but it's prime stuff: ripe, fecund, heady with creativity. And I'll be damned if that isn't Mac's starhip, ready for liftoff. Er, from an underwater hangar. (Maybe this journey has an Atlantean component?)

Next up, two alternate takes on Sycophant the Flying Sheep, prior to the version actually portrayed on page 29. It's true that I can't envision a great application for two Syccies emerging from the clouds, but who knows: perhaps he's part of a flock.

"FROGS HAD THEIR HISTORY" is what I got when I took the comic book binder to one of the Butchershop's "Do_ink" comic jams back when I was helping to run the space from, what 2003-2006? It's lovely, but where does it fit? Perhaps the comic takes a detour to explain Soap Frog vis a vis his whole amphibious line.

This character probably dates to the same event. Mysterious, disconnected... perhaps this represents the sensation of travelling through time in Soapfrog's soap dish, being impregnated by lightning bolts, or recovering from a session with Mr. Blackjack.

Maybe they can be used and worked in, maybe not! Fear not, there are four more pages to go, plus the notes.

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