Rowan Lipkovits (reluctance) wrote,
Rowan Lipkovits

The Pen Comic, extras 6

After some shrewd negotiations with a friend who wanted to contribute to the collaborative comic but couldn't figure out a way to make sense of the knot it had wound itself into, we settled on a very satisfying compromise: just draw the end, and subsequent contributors would just have to figure out how to get from point X to point Y. (No doubt via an entirely new alphabet in between. Greek letters, perhaps?)

Soap Frog: Behold! the utopia ~ PENS-ance!

And so, the child of the prophecy's impossible vision manifests in the future revealed by soap frog as the grandiose penultimate utopia -- so if this is the penultimate narrative, whence the ultimate?

It manages to both answer the question posed in the comic's very first sentence and include Soapfrog, which means it closes the book on 95% of the business contained in the colossal sodden work. Still, worryingly, it can't help but end on a question ... but that's a whole 'nother comic!

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