Rowan Lipkovits (reluctance) wrote,
Rowan Lipkovits

The Pen Comic, extras 7

We close this series with further notes hidden in the back pages of the binder. First, the brainstorming that yielded the Segue Piggy's tremendous knitting of Mac and Clipboard Girl: revealed, the notion that with sufficient thought, really their partnership was an historical inevitability.

Mac -> Needs mags from Paris, so must eat lettuce from Hamburgers -> CAN'T PRODUCE STARSHIPS.

Wants to light the fireplace on starship <- Clipboard girl


Soap Frog Glows

And finally, my own master list of open questions -- which predates the final few pages by quite a bit. Here the onion structure of the plot is revealed, with every layer of unanswered question revealing a new layer of also-unanswered question.

Questions in comic + plot problems that need to be answered:

I. Where do pens go when they're used up? - pen heaven, neverending writing, waterfalls of ink, quills returned to birds

    II. Squire needs to get Uni-balle back to London. - More Osysseus-like travels. - Dread Pirate Wood waiting to stop 'im.
    Shakespeare also. - Soapfrog-land above Peninsula of bad gas. Close to London.

      III. Who killed Looo? w/ pen, has black arm -> "follow me". they don't follow.
      |-> soapfrog origin myth: Larf + SF share brain, Dr. Ha loves SF, SF was once frog.

      "flipper flipper flap flap" = I don't know. Why do they take it?
      Spell of amnesia. "Thinking of Maude..."

        IV. When will Shakespeare get his "enima"? -> travel to future alternate dimension
        - Well-timed sidetrack -
          IVa) What did Soapfrog do wrong? to make Sh. forget about en., meant to show.

            V. Where does Darth Vader come back in? -> Starship! -> will save Paris?
            IS THE ADULT Frogsheep
            role pen plays in birth
            - disturbance of Mr. Blackjack throws off SF's calculation, gets SF impregnated (new problems)

            spies? err?

              VI. What are Larf + Dr. Ha building? - ray gun of some sort

                VII. Domestic discord between SF + Sh.

                  VIII. How much longer Mac lasts -> CG's tattoos

                    IX. Pen in eye stuff? -> connection to III?

                    Darth Froggie time problems.
                    + Is the squire the killer?

Sadly, I failed to elaborate on the inherent problems resulting from Sheepfrog growing up into the Darth Vader-esque character -- likely some species of time-loop causality; disturbance in the force caused by Paris' destruction throws Soapfrog's calculations off, diverts them to Princess Insipid, where SF is impregnated and gives birth to Sheepfrog, who matures, flies the starship back in time, and prevents Mr. Blackjack from destroying Paris... thereby preventing the circumstances that bring the Sheepfrog's very conception into being. Thereby not yielding any savior of Paris, thereby causing Soapfrog to be diverted to Princess Insipid, thereby... well, you get the idea. I'm sure it could be got around with 5 minutes of thinking, but loops are fun so why would we want to? Maybe we could end up with an Age of Apocalypse-style alternate timeline. I suppose that depends on the hypothetical future contributors.

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