Rowan Lipkovits (reluctance) wrote,
Rowan Lipkovits

The Pen Comic, table of contents

Now that it's all up and posted here, I've been going back and adding navigational links to ease & facilitate reading, enjoyment, and contemplation of contributing to this incomplete masterwork. Furthering such user-friendliness, here's a guide to all of the pages, in sequence, all in one place!

Page 1, wherein a simple question is asked
Page 2: "Blast this god-forsaken pen!!!!"
Page 3: "WHACK! said Mr. Blackjack"
Page 4, wherein the Dread Cap'n Wood makes good his plot
Page 5: "BZAARP!"
Page 6, wherein helpful arrows sequence plot
Page 7, wherein our squire suffers from hallucinations
Page 8: "The hallucinations became religious revelations"
Page 9, wherein a highly accurate map is plotted
Page 10: "So Paris was bombed..."
Page 11: "Thank you for using Super-Loo 2000!"
Page 12: "Better take a look"
Page 13, wherein Soapfrog is found at the scene of the crime
Page 14, wherein Soapfrog and Dr. Ha talk a lot
Page 15, wherein Soapfrog is hated
Page 16, wherein Shakespeare reveals an uncomfortable preoccupation
Page 17, wherein Shakespeare and Soapfrog are made the well-dressed prisoners of Princess Insipid
Page 18: "How possible can it be?"
Page 19, wherein the Segue Piggy announces his later appearance
Page 20: and now a brief interlude for our *newest* hero!
Page 21, wherein the Segue Piggy makes things clear as mud
Page 22, wherein Mac is introduced
Page 23, wherein a window is described in Japanese
Page 24: Once there was a girl who didn't like to get her shoulder sneezed on...
Page 25, wherein Soapfrog and Shakespeare experience relationship friction
Page 26, wherein Clipboard Girl springs Mac from Mc$cum
Page 28, wherein Sheepfrog is birthed
Page 29, wherein Shakespeare and Soapfrog and Sheepfrog meet Syccy and Mac and Clipboard Girl
Page 30, wherein the Segue Piggy falls off the Blue wagon
Page 31: the Development of SheepFrog
Page 32, wherein a whole class stab someone with their pens
Fragment 1 , depicting a simple clown nose
Fragment(s) 2, 5 of them: Clipboard Girl, psychedelic underwater starship montage, two flying sheep, Frogs Had Their History, and a character giving new meaning to the phrase "super-deformed"
Fragment 3 , wherein the Dread Cap'n Wood reads Wittgenstein
Fragment 4: Meanwhile, in Paris...
Fragment 5: Commander Pencil was once a public official
Fragment 6, wherein Soapfrog reveals the land of Pens-ance
Notes and questions
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