Rowan Lipkovits (reluctance) wrote,
Rowan Lipkovits

call for submissions

Ever since the BBS scene went belly-up and my days coordinating the artgroup Mistigris went kaput (circa 1998), in all my travels through arty circumstances through my adult life, I'd hit on splendid creative doings and think to myself, "Dag, if I was still putting artpacks together, I would most definitely ask to throw that in the mix." (Here on LJ, that could be embodied by, eg., the MSPaint group, now nearly totally bitrotted away and its artists completely unreachable.)

Last October, as you may recall, I celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first Mistigris artpack release by rounding up some of its alumni and ... releasing a new artpack. That was fun, and I resolved to do it again at the same time the following year. Well here we are, a month away, and I've been visiting my old haunts, systematically hitting up all of my major stops since 1998, letting people know that not only are they part of my fondly-remembered past, but that I'd like to fold them into another aspect of my still more-fondly-remembered further-distant past. And now that quest has brought me even here to LiveJournal, where I need to annouce the MIST1015 artpack's call for submissions, whose deadline is now a mere month away. Please consider submitting some creative work visual, musical, written and/or programmed! It doesn't have to be new and exclusive, I just have to have permission to throw it in.

Thanks for your time, ghosts of LiveJournal!

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