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Mistigris artpack call for submissions

Friends... arty friends! (That includes the vast majority of you.) I want you to share some of your art with me. (For the sake of this punchy appeal, "art" definitely includes images, sounds and writing of all kinds, though my interests range beyond those. If in doubt, assume I'm interested.) Haven't made any art recently? I don't care. Make some -- or share some old stuff. It's not old to me! (Or if it is -- it's "classic"!)

I can't pay you to share your art with me, but I would love the chance to share it with a wider audience. (If my sharing your art with the world would interfere with your ability to be paid for it, please find a less marketable piece of art to share with me 8) Probably few people are more aware than I that artists die of "exposure", but at the same time I am attempting to build community and cross-pollenate, which should at least... delay that death or make it more gentle.

In the 1990s I shared "artpacks" of computer art over modems to the early Internet with my art group Mistigris; at the turn of the century I presented opportunities to demonstrate hitherto unknown creative talents at The Living Closet and my 57 Varieties open stage series. The LC and 57V are still deep in torpor, but to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its establishment, I spun Mistigris back into operation as of 2014. Since then, we have been releasing artpacks again.

I would like your art to put into an artpack this October! An artpack is exactly what it sounds like, a digital collection of marvelous and varied creative expressions, which can be browsed and enjoyed through a virtual art gallery of sorts; to demonstrate, you can see, hear & enjoy the contents of last year's artpack at

Due to our historical roots, there is representation (perhaps over-representation) of sights and sounds as they might have been experienced on old computers 20 years ago, but in burgeoning attempts to catch up to the present day, we have also been happily including works of more traditional artforms such as calligraphy, textiles, painting and photography. (And in attempts to explore the question of what constitutes "computer art" in 2016, we may be seeing selections touching on such novel developments as emoji and Minecraft.)

I would like to release the artpack near the end of October, so I would like to establish a formal submission deadling of Oct 15th. The initial call for submissions went out 6 months in advance (if you like, you can read it -- it is much the same as this appeal -- at; we are now halfway through that period, and I've resolved to do a better job of coming to the public directly with the appeal rather than waiting for you to come petition at my feet. (With this posted, I will now actually begin knocking on the virtual front doors of probably quite a lot of you.)

I have no intention of monetizing any artpack submissions without the consent and involvement of the creators; a gallery exhibition might be in the works someday (a pipe dream since 2004, but I think the pipe is shorter now than it was then), and I also explore individual submissions in deeper detail on social media, notably on the Mistigris Tumblr account.

If you have any questions (eg. "how do you propose I would translate this work of choreography into a computer-understandable format?") I would be only too happy to chat, scheme, strategise and clarify.
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